Award-winning documentaries from filmmakers with heart.

Clover Films is an award-winning documentary film production company with a reputation for credible, intelligent and popular journalism. We specialise in global current affairs, taking our viewers on journeys through some of the most perilous places on the planet: from the infamous Baghlan-Kunduz Highway in northern Afghanistan (ISIS and the Taliban: The Journey) to the inside of HMP Birmingham during the country’s worst prison riot in 25 years (Prisons Uncovered: Out of Control?). We have won multiple Emmy, Columbia-DuPont and other awards for our work.

Championing human rights with unflinching honesty.

Clover Films’ mission is to change the world through film by exposing violations of human rights, whether at home (Britain’s Hidden Hunger) or overseas (The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan). We never have and never will twist the facts as we find them, in pursuit of heightened entertainment or to fit a preconceived narrative. The principles of ethical journalism are the foundation from which we build.

Where trust in talent meets family values.

Clover Films brings together an enormously talented group, from award-winning directors, journalists and camera(wo)men, to internationally-recognised human rights activists and best-selling authors. This collective comes together to collaborate within what is – at its core – a family company.